About Us

Rafiq M Kiswani – CEO / Chairman

Founder with over 28 years career in Finance and Technology


  • Established Multiple ventures in Real Estate / Finance / Technology
  • Served as the President / CEO for many companies
  • Started Five companies that successfully grew to a profitable exit.
  • Alpha Capital Ventures USA – Secondary Market stock acquisition service
  • Established Alpha Capital Ventures and affiliate companies in UK, Bahrain, KSA and The U.S.A.

Daniel O’Malley – CFO

Over 30 years of accounting and capital formation experience. He is also making contributions in the areas of market and sales channel development for the U.S. interests of DGS.


  • CEO of Microthin.com since 1997, Developer of a patented “paper-thin” mouse pad offering premium advertising, as a marketing medium.
  • Winning business early on from Fortune 100 companies; IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Gateway, Ford, Bank of America, Citibank.
  • Established a channel sales and Affiliates’ resellers.
  • Served as an officer on the boards of several companies he helped found.
  • Started an accounting consultancy in 1980. He began his career as a staff accountant at KPMG in 1979.

Ghassan A. Ibrahim – Vice President

Over 30 years of leadership in Real-Estate Business development experience. Started his career in Lebanon then thereafter moved to the GCC where he designed developed many palaces to many members of the royal families. Then moved to France where started Interior design business and a gallery and expanded to Madrid. After Europe moved to New York city and started an interior design business and shortly thereafter moved to Los Angeles to start serving the celebrities in Beverly here also opened a gallery.

  • Founder of the Art Promotion Center
  • Co-Founder of Jean Charles International Center in Italy
  • Founder of Interior Design in Madrid
  • Founded Gatsby Design Center in New York
  • Founded Fantasy Design Center in Beverly Hills – Los Angeles

Khalid AL Shangiti – Deputy Chairman

Over 30 years of leadership experience. Led many organizations in Saudi Arabia to include The top companies in the Kingdom. For the last 16 years has served in the capacity of a CEO and Chairman of the board. Served on many prominent corporations to include

  • Chairman of IT Steering Committee Al-Majdouie Group
  • CEO Advisor and Executive Director National Water Company
  • CEO of Al Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services
  • Jadwa Investment & The National Agriculture Development Co (NADEC)